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10 Best IPTV Boxes and IPTV Subscription Services


Sick of paying extortionate fees for cable and satellite television? Then an IPTV box is a great investment! IPTV boxes and subscription services are revolutionising how we consume television, providing users with thousands of different multinational programs at a fraction of the cost of satellite or cable TV. By delivering television over internet protocol (IP), IPTV lets you stream thousands of channels with nothing but an internet connection and suitable device. This includes smart TVs, tablets, and computers, all of which offer seamless streaming for countless programs, movies, and sports events.

Sick of paying extortionate fees for cable and satellite television? Then an IPTV box is a great investment! IPTV boxes and subscription services are revolutionising how we consume television, providing users with thousands of different multinational programs at a fraction of the cost of satellite or cable TV.

By delivering television over internet protocol (IP), IPTV lets you stream thousands of channels with nothing but an internet connection and suitable device. This includes smart TVs, tablets, and computers, all of which offer seamless streaming for countless programs, movies, and sports events.

With so many different IPTV boxes and subscription services on the market, choosing the best one is quite challenging. This is especially true for first-time buyers who aren’t sure what they need to start using an IPTV service.

This top ten lest of the best IPTV boxes and subscription services should make it easier to find the perfect service for your home. Let’s take a closer look at ten of the best IPTV boxes and subscription services currently available!


Zumm TV

ZummTV is an IPTV box that provides over 2000 channels and movies from across the world. All channels available on ZummTV are streamed live for your pleasure, with some of the most popular channels in the USA, UK, India, and Pakistan included with the subscription.

Call for Subscription

The box also comes with various other features beyond live TV streaming, including video on demand, live radio, and access to popular Android applications such as YouTube, Spotify, and Amazon Prime Video.

As the box also features built-in Wi-Fi, it essentially converts your television into a Smart TV if you don’t already have one, saving a lot of money investing in a new TV!

Content featured on ZummTV is as varied as it is impressive. There are thousands of live channels that you can stream for free, including popular US channels such as FOX, ABC, the USA Network, and NBC.

ZummTV is also constantly updated with of the latest movies from across the world, while there is access to hundreds of international sports channels and applications to view all the latest sporting events for free.

There are several ZummTV boxes available at different price points, while you can also choose from different subscription packages to suit your needs. With options starting as low as $19.99 per month for access to thousands of multicultural channels, ZummTV offers some of the best value for money for an IPTV box and subscription service.  

You can find ZummTV from various providers online such as Zummtv.com, and Zummiptvbox.com


iPTV.fyi is a new IPTV subscription service that is perfect for anyone that wants to enjoy a variety of content for a low-cost subscription.

After paying for a subscription you simply install the IPTV software onto the desired device, with the service being compatible on a range of devices such as Samsung and LG smart TVs, PCs, Macs, Amazing Fire TV, Apple TV, Android TV Box, Nvidia Shield Box, and most Apple and Android mobile devices.  

So, it’s safe to say that the subscription service is easy to access, with most people using at least one of these devices! There is no need to buy any top box if you have any of the devices mentioned above, keeping costs low and giving even more value for money.

In terms of content, this IPTV has a lot to offer with more than 2,000 channels. All channels are available in standard definition while many others are available High Definition and even 4K. The programs available are varied, with some of the top television channels from across the world available in one handy device.

UK Channels

For instance, you can watch the latest US television programs from channels like Fox, ABC, Showtime, and NBC, while UK channels such as BBC One and BBC Two are also available. Other popular channels from across the globe are also available, including Qatar Television, SABC 1 (South Africa), Hum TV (Pakistan), and Citizen TV (Kenya).

That’s not to mention the countless movies also available! The latest US blockbusters, smaller independent films, and all the top international movie releases are regularly found on this IPTV subscription service.

If you love entertainment then be sure to check out the amazing subscription service from iPTV.fyi.


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Insight IPTV

One of the most notable features of Insight IPTV is the fact you can stream from two devices with a standard subscription. With many IPTV subscription services charging per device, Insight IPTV provides a great alternative for people that plan on watching their IPTV simultaneously on different devices.

Another great aspect of this IPTV subscription service is that all content is provided in HD and seven day catch up is included for every channel. This means high definition programming live and on demand for at least a week – great for anyone that may miss live broadcasts of their favourite shows.

Furthermore, there are over 1500 VODs for all the most popular shows, so in case you miss anything after the initial seven day catch up it’s likely to feature in the on-demand library.

Navigating all the content is easy too thanks to the intuitive EPG. This is basically a TV planner that gives quick access to the thousands of different channels available.

Insight IPTV doesn’t require a top box as there are compatible applications with various devices such as smart televisions, Android and Apple devices, and a web player for watching on a computer.

All of this is available for very reasonable prices with 3-month, 6-month, and 12-month packages available. For instance, when subscribing for 12 months it works out at less than $10 per month, which is an amazing price considering all the content.

You can also opt for a 24-hour trial for just $4.90, which is a good way to try out the service to see if its worth buying.

IPTV Subscription

A big selling point of IPTV subscription services is the ability to watch content from around the world. In the case of IPTV Subscription, you get a service that focuses mostly on British television content, which is incredibly diverse and well worth watching.

IPTV Subscription

Whether you live in North America and watch to enjoy British television or live in the UK and want cheaper access to popular programming without paying for satellite or cable, IPTV Subscription is a good choice.

Of course, it’s not all about UK programming, with hundreds of popular US, Canadian, and international programming available. It just happens that this IPTV service has some of the best variety of UK programming!

In terms of content, you get all the typical IPTV genres, with drams, comedies, kids TV, movies and live sport all included across the 500 plus channels.

Available across various devices including mobiles, smart TVs, and computers, you simply download the compatible application after signing up for a subscription package. Prices start at around $18.99 per month which provides access to hundreds of different channels, with longer subscription packages saving more money each month. 

While there is a great amount of programming for this price, it’s still one of the costlier IPTV services available, although it remains cheaper than cable/satellite TV! Also, there is no on demand service so you’ll need to watch everything live with IPTV Subscription.

MAG Boxes


MAG boxes are a very popular IPTV top box that have been around for many years. The interface does look quite dated, especially compared to many of the newer boxes, but this simple layout ensures it is very easy to use.

A great thing about MAG boxes is how many different devices you can buy. There are various models to choose from, with the 254 and 256 being two of the most popular released, with the 322 being the most recent release.

Newer boxes tend to be quicker and more responsive due to improved hardware, but the older model boxes remain very reliable and great for IPTV. It is worth noting that MAG boxes lack some features you may want from your IPTV box, such as live pause, so bear this in mind.

It is also important to note that MAG boxes are merely IPTV top boxes and not an actual IPTV subscription service. That said, most of the top IPTV subscription services have applications compatible with MAG boxes, meaning you can easily add them to your box for access to live television over the internet.

So, you only pay a one-off fee for the device itself, then choose any IPTV subscription you want to use. Just ensure that the subscription you choose is compatible with a MAG box before you subscribe.

Vader Streams

Vader Streams

Vader Streams is an IPTV subscription service providing a range of programming from Canada, USA, the UK and many more countries. Because you don’t need a top box device it’s very easy to get started with Vader Streams, which simply installs onto a suitable device to start streaming.

This allows for easy streaming across various devices, with supported devices including Amazon Fire TV, smart TVs, Android and Apple devices, computers, and on Xbox One and PlayStation 4. Simply install the application onto the device, follow the setup instructions you receive after subscribing and then start watching your favourite programming.

Plans start at as little as $15 and include access to over 1,000 US, Canadian, and UK channels, sports channels, and video catch up.

Not only that, you can use Vader Streams on as many as five devices across three different IP addresses. This is great because not everyone needs to watch the same content like with many popular IPTV subscriptions services, with users able to watch on five different devices at one time – they can even be in different houses!

Perhaps the most impressive aspect of Vader Streams is the sporting content. The IPTV subscription grants access to a fantastic variety of live sports channels from across the world, including Sky Sports in the UK, Fox Sports in the US, and even regional sports channels broadcasting local sports.

These are all accessible via the Matchcenter feature that links all sports channels in one easy to use interface.  

Of course, not everyone is a sports fan, which is why the video on demand feature is a great inclusion with Vader Streams. Here, you have access to on demand television and movies, including several hundred TV shows and thousands of movies.



Rocketstreams is a popular IPTV subscription service with very flexible packages. Essentially, it’s a pay as you go IPTV service with the option to subscribe for one month, three months, six months, or an entire year.

Costing just $11 per month – an even less if choose longer subscription options – expect plenty of value for money with this IPTV service. Those unsure about subscribing can take advantage of a 24-hour free trial to get a better idea of what Rocketstreams offers.

There is a good variety of live streaming content with this IPTV service, including a massive range of popular US and Canadian programming. UK channels are also included, although not with as much variety of Northern American channels.

The service works on various devices too, including smart TVs using apps such as Kodi, mobile devices with Android and Apple operating systems, and top boxes such as IPTV STB. Installation is straight-forward, with the company offering installation tutorials on their website for anyone unsure.

Rocketstreams is certainly a versatile IPTV subscription service that has nice range of channels, especially those from North America. While the sports options are often lacking, there is still a great range of popular television programming and new movie releases available.

Gears TV HD

Gears TV

Gears TV HD is another great IPTV subscription service for sports fans. Providing access to live US sports such as NFL, NBA, an NHL, the service is tailored towards your sporting needs, although they also come with over 400 channels from across the world.

While the pricing is more expensive compared to other IPTV subscriptions, starting at $25 per month, the fact this includes so much access to sporting content makes it good value for money. You also get to connect to up to five devices, which is great for households where not everyone wants to watch sports!

Great TV HD provides access English language channels, so you get a lot programs from the USA, Canada, and UK. While most of these are sports orientated, there are still plenty of entertainment channels available too.

Also, you get access to various PPV broadcasts with a subscription, again highlighting why this is such an appealing IPTV subscription service for sports fans. Like many subscription services for IPTV, you don’t need to purchase a box or dongle, instead installing the application on suitable devices.

So, if you mostly enjoy watching live sports on television but don’t want to commit huge sums of money for various cable subscriptions, be sure to consider Gears TV HD.

Area 51 IPTV

Area 51 IPTV

Unlike many services, IPTV subscriptions often perform best when flying under the radar. This is because a lower number of users puts less pressure on the providers servers while reducing abuse of the IPTV service.

Area 51 IPTV is one of the lesser known IPTV subscriptions but has a lot to offer users. With a large range of HD channels, an affordable monthly subscription, and an intuitive EPG system, Area 51 IPTV has a lot to offer customers.

For example, the monthly subscription costs just $5, which is easily one of the cheapest rates going for an IPTV service.

This gives access to hundreds of different channels (which are mostly English language) from the US, UK, and Canada. Sports, entertainment, kids TV, and movies all included across the various channels and easy to find thanks to the handy EPG system.

However, there are some features missing that many want from their IPTV service. For instance, there is no video on demand or catch up features included in the application. Other than that, Area 51 is an outstanding IPTV subscription service that offers exceptional value for money!

Magic IPTV

Magic IPTV

Magic IPTV is a great subscription service for users seeking content from across the world. While there is no shortage of popular English-language channels from the US, Canada, and UK, Magic has an impressive collection of international channels.

There are over 4,000 channels available on the subscription service, with prices ranging from $15-$25 per month depending on the package. For example, paying for an entire year’s subscription offers the cheapest monthly price compared to renewing each month.

That said, this isn’t the cheapest IPTV subscription available, although you certainly get lots of content for your money. This includes a lot of popular UK and US channels, including sports, entertainment and moves, along with all the top international channels from Europe, Asia, and Africa.

Better still, Magic IPTV has an amazing video on demand service with thousands of different movies, so there is no shortage of content available on the service. This does have a drawback however – navigating the different channels is often challenging with so many options to choose from! 

All in all, it remains a solid IPTV subscription service, especially for users that want a diverse range of programming from many countries 


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