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5 Benefits Which Prove an Android TV Box is A Better Alternative to Cable TV



You may agree or not but the Internet nowadays is the greatest replacement for Cable TV. Live TV services such as Amazon, Netflix, Hulu and Prime have an unimaginable number of the latest movies and TV programs to stream onto your TV. Live streaming has now redefined the experience of home entertainment and led to the trend of cord cutting. Also, there is an availability of more compact and efficient streaming Android TV Boxes, such as DroidBOX T2, DroidBOX iMXQPro V2, Apple TV, Roku, and Chromecast that are affordable investments and save a lot of money on your Cable TV service. Maybe you too should think of cutting the cord and dump your Cable TV service provider?

Even, if you have been using the Cable TV for years, you should seek better alternatives. Nowadays, an Android TV box emerges as a better alternative and canceling the subscription for Cable TV service should make sense for you. Before you call your Cable TV guy to cancel his service, let’s have a quick look at all the beneficial aspects that an Android box gives you.

The Android TV box is built with all advanced streaming features to become a must have gadget for your home entertainment. With the capability to surf the Internet fast and easy, to play 3D games and stream movies and live TV shows, the ultimate choice you have to make between all these great TV Box devices and your Cable TV service is very clear. We mention 5 benefits of an Android box over Cable TV.

1# Less Costly Android TV box

In comparison to the price you pay for using Cable TV service on a long term basis, the cost of an Android TV box is much lower. When you consider all the features of an Android set top Box this cost difference seems to be massive.

2# Look & Feel of Games

With Cable TV connection you will neither have the fun of playing amazing PC games nor will have access to the range available for the Android users. Android powered games are getting more complex, exciting and engaging; with HD graphics and the fascinating game play. With the advantage of an Android game remote you can even have better control on game playing. Have you ever thought how much you can save on 3D gaming with an Android TV Box? Without wasting your time, it is possible to find hot selling game in the Google play store. It will either cost you a few pounds or will be for free!

3# Multimedia Streaming Capability

With a range of the latest and easy to load applications that allow Live TV, multimedia on demand (HD video content and films), an Android TV box is incomparable in its capability to entertain. Imagine it with the addition of the simply amazing Kodi media centre and the next-generation entertainment is looking at you!

4# Entertainment on-the-Go

Traveling or staying at a friend’s place, a luxury hotel or vacation property? Carry your android TV box which is compact in size and keep all of your favorite content with you. Since such a small device is carried in your bag, you can always enjoy entertainment on the go.

5# The Best Android TV Option

The open source platform of Android brings you all the above advantages in a wide variety of Android TV boxes. DroidBOX offers a great list of Android TV boxes to pick from. Each of them is designed with different specifications to ensure you cinematic extravaganza. With an old world Cable TV connection, you may not have access to the fascinating experience of modern entertainment at all.

DroidBOX has some of the top performing android TV boxes in its product list that would prove to be a better option than your Cable TV service. To live your movie/game fantasies with high level entertaining features, consider purchasing an Android TV box from DroidBOX with a phone call at +44 (0) 2037406830!


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