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Are IPTV Services Legal? Should Cord Cutters Be Worried? We Explain…


Remote and Soccer game on TVRemote and Soccer game on TVIt seems like you can’t go on social media without seeing a flood of ads promoting IPTV services. These services often promise thousands of channels including premium channels like HBO and Showtime for a crazy low price like $19.99.

These ads have left many cord cutters to wonder if these deals are real and legal. So, let’s take a look at what these services are.

What is IPTV?

IPTV stands for Internet protocol TV. In short, TV over the Internet. Many legit live TV streaming services like Sling TV and Hulu can be called IPTV. Yet most major streaming services don’t use the term IPTV. So, IPTV can be legal but most major live TV streaming services don’t call themselves an IPTV service.

How to know if an IPTV service is legal?

The truth is at some point you need to ask yourself does this sound too good to be true? Can I really get HBO, Showtime, NBA League Pass, NFL Sunday Ticket, and more for just $19.99 a month?

One of the most common tips to something not being legal is offering content like NFL Sunday Ticket. Right now, only DIRECTV can sell NFL Sunday Ticket in the United States. When services promise to offer you content that, for example, only DIRECTV is allowed to sell that should be a red flag.

So, should you be worried about subscribing to an IPTV service?

Recently we have seen a crackdown on IPTV services around the world. Many readers have reported that they prepaid for a service only to one day have it vanish without a refund. Be careful who you give your money to online. You never know if that service and/or website will be there in a year.

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