Free IPTV apk Live TV v1.0 +18 Ad-Free

Free IPTV apk is a  new app that offers UK, USA, sport and other live TV content IMO there are far too many ads in this apk would I use this? yes as a backup would this be my first choice apk? nope, I think there are many other choices out there such as live-net TV which do a great job regards free IPTV.

Free IPTV apk


FREE IPTV ANDROID APP claims to have over 1000+ Live TV Channels. but it falls way short of this but it does offer around a 100 plus good quality channel from Italy, France, Germany, Spain, Turkey, Arabic, Sweden, Portugal, Norway, Romanian, Holland, Canada, Denmark, Albania and also has Sports and  Movies, It also offers an adult section for the 18 plus group. The apk has been around a while but does come and go often so not 100% reliable but when it is available it does work well for a free service. The apk has also been called premium IPTV in the past but recently has had a name change and now is called free tv.

Can I Use An External Player?

No, in the past it was possible, but since the new version was released it is no longer possible to use an external player. The apps built-in player does a good job but it can be improved for sure.

Why Do Some Channels Not Work?

Unfortunately, this is expected with free iptv and it is not always 100% reliable because some of the streams are on budget servers from within the web and cannot handle too much of the traffic at 1 time. If too many people are watching a channel, this can bring them down. It is always best to have as many free apps as possible so you can go back and forth and have different choices.

Is This Small App Even Worth Installing?

This can depend there is so much choice now out there and there are many apps that can provide thousands of channels and are very popular. Some of the bigger apps provide the same links meaning that if those links go down so will the rest of the bigger apps. The advantage to smaller apps is they tend to provide a different source of link and might not be as widely available as some of those bigger apps meaning a possible chance of being able to watch a more stable source because it is less known.


This app seems to of taken a very long break and it been well over 1 year since we saw a new version. The new version is back to v1.0 and has the very same interface when it started in late 2018. I im shocked to see this 1 back and i thought it would never return. Every so often i check old apps and there it was WOW. Anyone who has been around long enough will remember this application.

Original Version

Im going to provide the original version to support the developer and encourage him to continue this project. The more people that choose this option the more likely the app will continue. Let’s help him with his new journey again to give him a head start to continue. Let’s not kill this app off just yet.

Mod Details

  • Removed ads
  • Removed Location
  • Mod by hifi 2007 reviews

Free Iptv v1.0 original


Free Iptv v1.0 MOD ad-free



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