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Free IPTV m3u Playlist Url Download Channels 2020 –

free iptv

free iptv

Free IPTV M3U Playlist URL Download Channels

Watching free IPTV channels is easy if you know where to find a good M3U playlist download like the sources below. You can easily stream live TV free online with the right iptv links M3U playlist file.

While there are plenty of free M3U playlists online, many pastebin IPTV lists include channel streams.

Free iptv links m3u list download 2020 an exclusive updated iptv m3u url. Now renewed with strong channels and contains most of the world bouquets required for mobile and smart tv and pc.

How to Setup free IPTV links on Smart TV

This method can be used for Samsung and LG TVs as well.

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  • First, you need to go to the apps store and in the search bar enter Smart IPTV app and click on the search icon.
  • Now, after choosing the app, install it and open it.
  • In the next window, you can find the MAC address. Carefully note it down as you will be needing this later.
  • Head over to this link –
  • Enter the MAC address you had obtained, in the concerned field.
  • Now, you can either choose to upload your m3u arabic playlist or paste the free IPTV links you have got.

Free daily IPTV M3u List Download

IPTV Streaming

When watching movies, sports, and TV channels with free M3U playlist to stream IPTV channels online, it’s very important to protect yourself with the safest, most affordable top-tier VPN service available. The best VPN service to keep your activities private and your identity anonymous is the same one I use myself, Surfshark VPN.

Live Stream Sports Free Online

Live TV sports seem important to many people wanting to stream online TV channels free. To watch live football matches online today, you can use live TV streaming sites for free internet TV broadcasts.

Many of these are overrun by people watching movies, TV shows, and live sports online. So-called free live streaming sites exist only to offer tons of obnoxious ads.

Free Streaming IPTV Channels

Now, you can watch tv shows online free streaming all your favorites including live sports broadcasts from all over the world and VOD movies in many different languages. Enjoy this updated free M3U playlist URL IPTV liste safely!

Watch Free TV Streaming Channels Online

You can also stream live TV free with the right IPTV M3U playlist url. Download M3U playlist and use them in VLC or Kodi to stream live TV news anytime.

Whenever you have an active internet connection, feel free to access and watch IPTV channels online streaming live sports and even on demand network TV shows. You can use the M3U playlists provided below with any compatible IPTV app to watch free streams online. Just be sure to turn your VPN app on first.

Fluxus TV M3U Playlist URL Free Streaming IPTV Channels

The free IPTV channels provided with these M3U link URLs contain live streaming and on-demand movies, and live news broadcasts. We update them so they are fully working, but may be a day or two behind at times. Please check back soon if you find any links not working at this time.

These M3U playlists work great with any IPTV streaming software that accepts either a URL or local M3U file such as Simple IP TV app. Simply copy and paste the contents of one or more of these video service playlists into a text file with the .m3u extension if your streaming app needs local access.

Best Free IPTV Services


Mobdro has stood the test of time and continues to be one of the best options for streaming Live TV. Not only does it provide live channels but there are also Categories for Movies, Music, Gaming, and more.

Users will have the ability to add channels to favorites, use subtitles, and more. Mobdro is available as an APK and can be installed on tons of devices including the Firestick, Android Box, and more.

Live Net TV

Live Net is a fabulous live streaming service with options across the world. Over 800 channels are available and categorized by country. Users will find sections for Sports, Movies, News 24/7 and more.

This app also features a VOD Section which separates it from most free IPTV Services. However, these only provide Indian, Pakistani, Hindi, and Punjabi films. Users will have the ability to add channels to favorites, set parental controls, and more.

Swift Streamz

With over 34 Cateogories to choose from, Swift Streamz APK has tons of content of all sorts. Many channels located within Swift are in High Definition but most will only play Standard Definition.

Upon making a channel selection you will also have the ability to stream with multiple different video players including Swift Player and MX Player. VOD is also available for a select number of movies including Indian, English, Pubnjabi, Pakistani, and Dubbed.


TVTap features a wide variety of content besides live streaming for your streaming pleasure. This includes Movies, Music, News, Sports, Documentaries, Kids, and more.

The live streaming portion of TVTap works great with most channels working in Standard Definition. Oftentimes, channels have multiple sources to ensure that nearly all channels provide a stream. TVTap also features the ability to add Channels to favorites, use external video player, and more.

HD Streamz

Another great free IPTV Service is HD Streamz. Nearly all channel options have multiple links to choose from which makes streaming a breeze.

This app provides content for tons of different countries including USA, France, Ireland, Netherlands, Canda, Span, South America, and much more. While navigation within the app is fairly simple, it may require mouse toggle for full use.

If you are unable to find a channel you’d like, simply use the HD Streamz search tool in the upper right hand corner.

RedBox TV

RedBox TV is an extremely fast, live streaming application that has been working fabulously as of late. Categories are filtered by country and include tons of channels for each. In the USA section alone, there is over 40 free options.

Most channels within RedBox play in SD quality however some are available in High Def. Users will have the ability to set pass-code for parental restrictions, add channels to favorites, use External Video player, and more.

How to Install Fluxus TV Kodi Stream Source

  1. On the Kodi home screen, click the Add-ons menu item.
  2. Head into My Add-ons.
  3. Now click on PVR.
  4. Scroll down and click PVR IPTV Simple Client
  5. Click on the Configure button.
  6. Type the URL for the IPTV liste M3U playlist you want to use in the M3U PlayList URL item, then click OK. You’ll find the free IPTV links to Fluxus TV channels listed below in this article.
  7. If not done already, hit the Enable button in the PVR IPTV Simple Client dialog before closing it. You should get a pop-up telling you how many working IP TV channels have been loaded in the top right of the screen.
  8. Head back to the Kodi home screen and click the TV menu item to access your M3U playlist. You should see a liste of all the live IP TV channels that loaded from the installed M3U playlist.

Special Note: If you’re using a custom Kodi build or skin and not seeing TV in the main menu, you may need to enable the TV item to have it show up in the Kodi interface. Navigate to Kodi Settings, and within the Interface area you should find a Skin item. Select Configure Skin and then enable TV so it shows up on the Kodi main menu.

By the way, this liste IPTV got a great shout-out from the Microsoft Technet site in an article regarding Kodi on Windows for IPTV Channel Surfing. Hey, we’re really into our Firesticks here at My True Media, but installing Kodi on Windows will also provide access to watching nearly limitless free streaming IPTV channels.