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IPTV 5.4.12 APK for Android – Download


Now you can watch the IPTV from either your ISP or from the free live TV channels. If you use VLC for watching TV on a PC then the IPTV is the right app for you. With the IPTV app see numerous TV channels online.

To use IPTV you require to have a quality internet connection as well as have the external video player like VLC Player. In addition to this, a user needs to do the search and also download the list of the TV channels for use on the app in the format of M3U. This step is absolutely essential for the use of IPTV.

To make things easier, IPTV offers users a wide list of TV channels which they can download in the M3U format. Categories includes such as the sports, international channels, TV series, etc.

How the IPTV app works?

To set up a cannel on IPTV app is not difficult. It can be confusing to understand for the first time users. In order to use the app, simply add the Playlist in Playlist section. For that user needs to type in the Text Field one of the many TV channels available on the lists of the IPTV website. The format of these channels would be something like this “https://pastebin.com/raw.php?i=xxxxxx”. Once you write the format in the playlist field, you will be able to start watching the channels you wish.


Features of free IPTV version includes

  • Playlist of M3U and XSPF.
  • Playlists history.
  • Play the multicast streams.
  • View TV channels in list, grid or the tile view on the multicast streams app
  • Multicast streams app gives the EPG support in the JTV and XMLTV formats

As for the additional features on the Pro version of IPTV, they are as follows.

  • Ad-free.
  • If a connection is disconnected unexpectedly during the Http streams, the streaming server can get auto-reconnect upon the connection restart.
  • Start the app on a Boot device which makes it useful for the set-top boxes.
  • Extended history for the playlists.
  • Auto-Play the last channel.

Operating System: Android

Price: Free


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