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IPTV (APK) – Free Download


The IPTV app for Android mobile devices is an app that allows users to easily access a very broad range of television channels via the Internet.

What the IPTV Is and Does

Television channels pop up by the hundreds every year, and there are countless services out there which display people’s favorite shows and networks. The IPTV app is one of those applications, for the Android OS, that allows users to access TV channels online. After downloading this small-sized app, users with a good Internet connection can begin to browse hundreds of different channels, and simply click on an icon to start watching. The catch here is that you will need an external media player, as IPTV only lists the actual channel and doesn’t allow the content to be played. Instead, the content will be streamed via a third-party media player, like VLC player or another type of media player that you have installed.

To use this app, the basic idea is to create a playlist. Anyone familiar with creating musical playlists should have no issue in operating this application. Simply paste the channels you want into a playlist, and then title and access your playlist, and from there you can subsequently access the channels any time you want to watch them. Sports, news, documentaries, TV shows, movies, and much more are available with the app. Overall, the app is pretty user friendly. It has bright, bold icons that are displayed in the middle of the screen, so it’s easy to see what’s what. And all you have to do is click on an icon and add it to your playlist for quick access in the future.

Pros and Cons of IPTV


  • Easy to download and operate the app
  • Tons of different channels from which to choose
  • Service can stream HD content
  • Replaces most other lesser apps


  • Need to have a good Internet connection to use
  • Not all content will be HD
  • Requires external media player


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