Wednesday, 12 Jan 2022

IPTVReviews – My top IPTV services

Updated March 1, 2019

I’ve been using IPTV services for the past couple of years and between that time, have tried over 20. First off, anyone that is expecting 100% reliability with zero buffering might as well stick with cable. The true test for me is how these services preform during peak times and big PPV events. I don’t care for VOD as I have my favorite addons and apks for all my movies/shows.

Beast TV: Good for Canadian and US content. Extremely quick, great quality, not a bad epg, solid sports section, PPV and adult. No VOD. Good price at $15 for 2 connections.

Vader’s TV: Probably one of the best for sports with matchcenter but can face some buffering from time to time. $15 for 3 IPs / 5 connections is great.

Gears TV: Great service abut a little too costly for one connection and have to pay extra for the guide. $20

Obey Streams: APK is great. Works well but I get better stability on Beast TV. Plus it’s $5 more. You do get VOD but it’s not a huge selection. Good service but not quite there.

Area 51: For a budget IPTV, can’t beat Area 51. Has about 1400 channels and haven’t faced much buffering at all. $7 for 3 connections is tough to beat.

TPK: A little bit more at $8 for 1 connection but the players klub rarely faces any downtown and it does well for PPV and sports.

TNT: Not too bad of a price at $7 for one connection and tends to do a pretty solid job for PPV and sports.

Venom: $12 for 3 connections. Has run reasonably well for me and good quality.

Streams For Us: Can’t really beat 8000 channels and 2 connections for $7. Of course when you have that many channels, a good number might be SD quality but who really cares. If you’re expecting much out of a $7 service, you might as well stick to cable.

Kodi Solutions: A good service for the price, but their website is down at the moment.

Eternal: One of the best but good luck getting a subscription.

Prime Media: Don’t waste your cash.

Crystal: Quality is amazing but I get quite a bit of buffering during peak times.

Stargate: Relatively new company. Good customer service, price is cheap but haven’t tested it yet with PPV. Channels don’t load up too quickly and epg is ok.

Alien Streams: Ran really well but only get 1 connection at $10.

I’ve also tried Xstreamz, King of Streams, Pirates Corner and WPC. They were OK but just your typical re-sellers and didn’t quite perform to my liking.

Hope this info helps.