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The tutorial for using the IPTV service


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Guys. Welcome back today. We’re gonna talk about how to fix IPTV buffering issues.

You got to make sure that you’re doing a few of these things very often. You make sure that you have the right equipment, make sure the right Wi-Fi, right devices. This is absolutely critical for you to avoid IPTV buffering. Let’s jump into this. Take a look, you need to make sure you do me a favor. Our IPTV reviews helpful tips, just want you to subscribe and make sure you get the notification bill on the home. Let’s do this. So, how do we avoid IP TV buffering? I’ve got another video out there that I’ve done. It’s very similar to this. It’s been a while I wanted to recap and kind of add some new things to it. So I thought it brings to you and please leave some comments here of what you’re doing to have yourself avoid that IP TV buffering and help other people out. So let’s jump into this. I got a few topics. We will talk about it. Let’s spend a few minutes with me.

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I’m showing you some good ways to fix your buffering. So, the first thing is the definition of buffering: Preloaded or preloading data into a reserved area of memory, the buffer in streaming audio or video from the Internet. Buffering refers to downloading a certain amount of data before starting to play the music or video. So we know that. I mean you’ve been in the digital world for a while. You understand everything takes time to load, depending on the speeds and the devices. You have will mean the faster you’ll be able to watch that video or that music, or you know finish that download. Whatever you’re doing with this.

So now, the question is why does some services buffer or why do some devices or channels buffer more than others, and a lot of that comes down to the source, where it’s coming from. Is it your device not having strong enough? Is it your Wi-Fi? Is it your router? Is it you’re a lot of different areas? So now we kind of know what buffering is we know it takes some time to build up enough data to push out – for us to watch that.

Let’s talk about how we make sure we got the least amount of resistance when it comes to buffering. So the first thing, I want to talk about probably the main issue. Fix for this is going to be your Wi-Fi versus your Ethernet guys So if you connected hardwired into the wall in your Ethernet, or into your router, your chances of getting you to know near-perfect TV, near-perfect you know streaming is gonna be very hard for you if you have a chance. If you can get connected to your router, get connect it to your hardwired into your Ethernet, so that’s definitely the most important part you can run off Wi-Fi. And I actually do. I have a couple of devices. I’ll talk about those in just a minute here that I can runoff. My Wi-Fi has good internet speed. So I don’t have any problems there. But once in a while, I might have a little hiccup there, which is expected on Wi-Fi, but if I’m connected to my hardwire no issues, there so make sure you can get the very best internet. You’re paying for it. So, if you can hardwire it, get it and I’ll talk about some devices here that will help you get.

First, let’s talk about Wi-Fi speeds. It’s not just, oh I’m on Wi-Fi I can’t have IPTV. No, you can and it just depends on what speed you get. Now I used to have 60 Meg’s. I actually have a hundred Megs. Now my internet provider just went with her standard 100 Meg for everybody. So I got that, and I have no problems with Wi-Fi. I’m running a couple of devices. I’m running a fire stick. And I’m running a new box both those have 5 gigahertz connections into my router, and you know I have my router set up, but I can’t remember the name of my router. I’ll have to find it, maybe link it here, but no problems, there wasn’t an expensive one. But it was. you know trying to knock off of something, so I bought off Amazon. But it’s been good no problems there. But I’m getting 100 Meg’s of speed. If I ever see buffering and like more than one or two, you know spins happening once while officers are gonna be a hiccup or two in your internet. But if it’s ever doing more our first thing, I ever do is do a speed test that will always tell me what’s going on if I’ll do a speed test, and say wow, I’m getting 20 Meg, where’s my other 80 available. I’ll go reset my router. I’ll go check it out, and that chooses the first problem. There is major problems with my Wi-Fi. But you need to have Wi-Fi that can run fast internet. If you have 15 or 20, you can still watch IPTV. But to have it be on Wi-Fi, is gonna be very difficult to avoid that buffering. So make sure you have the fastest internet possible to avoid that.

Here are three things, you’re gonna want to have when you’re looking at hardwiring in your device. Let me just pull this with me here for a second. This is a router. This is not the router. I’m currently using. This is just a cheap one that I had nothing fancy. It’s old Belkin. So, if you have this router, just use it as a paperweight, just junk. I’ll tell you why you’re in a minute, and the other things, I’ve got here. This is an Ethernet adapter that actually goes into a USB port. We’ll explain that in a minute, why we need that, and then obviously, we know what this is right Ethernet cord, and this is an extender, which if you don’t have access to an Ethernet. We’re catted 5 or cat 6, whatever it is.
Now if you don’t have one of these next to your TV, you’re gonna want this. Because that is going to be able to act, plug that in right there, and that’s actually gonna trick your device, whatever device you’re using into thinking it’s hardwired into your box. If you’re using a me box or an Android box, it’ll work fine. That has a USB now okay. Firestick doesn’t have a USB or an ethernet cord. So you just have to run off Wi-Fi. But if you have a device that has the USB or has one of these devices, you want either one of these. This will plug into a USB device, and then you can plug this into here. Assuming that was in the wall that into your box, and that going into the USB cord, will actually run through Ethernet into your device, into your box so pretty neat little feature. But this will take time. This can work as an extender which will take your Wi-Fi. If you’re getting 50, you should probably get about 40 to 30 somewhere. It does lose a little bit of it when you’re in that. But this would refer this actually does a really good job, keeping everything together, and not losing a lot of that data. So if you can hardwire it, please do. If you cannot get an extender, now when you’re getting your extender, makes sure you’re getting one that has a 2, a 4, and a 5 gig Hertz connection. If you just get one with 2 and 4, and you try to run some extended Wi-Fi, it’s going to be you want to get five. That’s probably the biggest thing as I mentioned here a couple of times. Make sure your router has a 5 gigahertz, make sure like it’s when I was showing here, this one’s only 2 and 4. So it’s a paperweight right now. I can’t stream anything on that. It’s too slow. That’s how I first learned. I hate how to get a new router. I don’t spend a hundred bucks for the router, so make sure your device hasn’t that 5g, make sure your extender here does, and make sure router does. So I think you’ll be good there.
Make sure you have these things here. This will help you be able to get better streams for that. So keep in mind.

These are your accessories, you’re gonna need when you’re looking for avoiding that IPTV buffering. As we’ve talked about our Wi-Fi versus Ethernet vs Wi-Fi speeds and what works, what doesn’t work, and what accessory I need the main thing is guys. If you’re got slow internet, you know what the results are gonna be before you even start right. Make sure you get the best Internet possible that you can obviously. You’re cutting the cord, you’re saving some money. So take that money to spend a little more on the internet, spend a little more on devices, and you’ll have the best results. As you’ve seen from what I’ve shown you here on the accessories that you can have the extenders. The cords the USB, I don’t know what it’s called, what’s a USB Ethernet adapter, but those things will help you get the best results possible when you’re trying to avoid that buffering.

Let’s talk about devices now. This is really important. Because you just don’t want to go to Amazon and buy the very cheapest. You know $30 em Android box out there. Because you’ve heard about somebody else that cut the cord and they bought an Amazon box and they’re loving it. You’ve got to make sure you’re buying the best. I don’t know if that the best is the right word, but a quality box or device depending on what you go with. That will actually support what is needed, so make sure the device has that 5 gigahertz Internet, make sure it has if possible an Ethernet port on the back. If not at least a USB port, and you can run this off of a fire stick. I run mine off of a fire stick no problem there, but again I have to have good internet, I have to make sure that you know have a good router. All that stuff is there, but when you’re spending time on it, this is your full-time entertainment. Think about it guys. You want to spend a little bit of extra money to have the best experience. So let’s go with and talk about which devices are gonna be the best for you. At least what I found for me, and again there are a ton of more out there, but these are the ones that I’m using.

Let’s talk about some devices. You can see I’ve got a different array here. I’ve got over here on my left. I’ve got me a box which is an awesome device. It does have that 5 gigahertz connection you want for Wi-Fi for running off Wi-Fi. It also has a USB. Now this one does not have an ethernet cord, so I have to use that little device. I was showing you. I had to plug into that and then that works well. But it’s a good box here. It actually really does, really well. It’s got Android TV software, so it’s not just your basic Android software, but it’s an Android TV which is much better. This t95 not trying to knock it. But it doesn’t hold up. I mean it speeds don’t work as well. It lags like crazy, same with this X 96. They’re just cheap boxes. I bought off Amazon when I was first getting into IPTV. Basically they’re paperweights right now, they do have the ethernet cord on the back, but again they’re just not the strong device, as the Wi-Fi-only have 2.4 gigahertz. So you really can’t watch IPTV off those. They’re just too slow, and they buffer all day long. I have a fire stick here with the remote, so my main devices I use is theme box and the fire stick, both had that 5 gigahertz Wi-Fi. My Amazon has just run strictly off Wi-Fi. I have it in my main living room downstairs. I have a 2-story house. My router is upstairs in my living room. My boys have a closer to the Xbox. They’re hardwired for the second play there for at night, but both these run off of Wi-Fi.
Actually I have no problem with buffering, but I do get a hundred Meg’s of internet, so that helps me out when I get less than. If I have some internet problems, I might see a little bit of lag. But that’s when I plug in my extender, plug that into my knee box with this little contraption, that we showed right. Then I have no problem. So this thing tricks it to think it’s getting a hundred Meg’s into that so pretty nice feature. So what I would say is make sure your devices have the five gigahertz, these cheap boxes off Amazon. We’re about thirty dollars, a piece of thirty to forty dollars. They’re just not worth it, they don’t have what the specs you need.

If you’re gonna spend the money for a box, make sure you spend it good money, get two five gigahertz, get the better processors. You know it doesn’t. You can cut the cord, and save some money. But if you got crappy devices, you’re gonna have problems. It’s all there is to it. So pick the right devices. So why we’re talking devices?

Let’s also talk about this weekly maintenance. It is absolutely critical that you guys do this at least once a week. If not more and any time, you see any kind of hiccups or problems, you go in and do this, so you want to make sure that you are resetting it router, make sure you’re unplugging letting it power down thirty seconds, or a minute on your router, also on your modem. So both of those devices that you have from one three internets, once your own power those down, let him reset, and you know that should help clear out anything, that any kind of packet loss, that’s sitting there and building up, that will help out there now, also what we want to do and I’ll show you how to do this here in a minute. We want to clear the cache. We want to force close our app. So this is different on every device. But you got to make sure you do this.
So let’s go to do that right now. Okay I’m just on my phone right now in the settings section, so again any device will have a settings section, go find that, and then you want to find that the section called apps or applications, go ahead, and click on that once you get into, then you need to find the app that you want to clear out. So let’s go find that app and what we’re gonna do is we’re just going to look for one of these cl9. We’re gonna clean out my first one here. This is one I have here. This is a service, so let’s go ahead and do phone storage. Now we want to clear the cache. It’s gonna clear all that stuff, that’s in there, that could be delaying this. If you clear the data that will delete your username and password, so you don’t want to do that, or you have to read all that information. Okay, so that’s done. We cleared our cache now. I always force stop this kay, that’s done now. I do that on any. This is my phone which on my boxes. I keep those very clean. I don’t worry about that, so I’ve got a few others here. Let’s see here. If I can find when there are dark media. Let’s do the same thing with that. We’re gonna force stop it, and we’re gonna come down here to the phone storage clear the cache, so that will clear my problems. I’ve got, and I do that with anyone of these. Now my phone’s got a lot of these because I do reviews on services, but on my boxes, I keep those very clean. I only keep the bare minimum of apps on them, just because if anything gets running in there, it might slow, it down again. You know small processors, and those things most of them are just enough to barely, keep it going. So I don’t keep anything extra in there. That’s the basic set of puppets, guys going there clean out your cache to stop your apps, reset your devices. If those are on a fire stick, or if those are on an Android box, or me box, whatever it is, let the thing unplug, let it sit for a minute, let it restart, and you should see a lot better results. If you’re seeing buffering with that, so always do that weekly maintenance.

I do want to talk about sources here and what I mean by that, is where are you getting this data from. If you’re watching Netflix, you can run Netflix on like a 1 point 5 mega. You know bit Internet and I know that. Because that’s what my mom uses. She has horrible internet. I can never go there, and you know try to work. I’ve always got it. You know get on my hotspot or whatever, but you can run Netflix because it’s not live TV right, it’s a recorded, it’s got a buffer, and it may buffer for 2-3 minutes, and boom your videos good. You never see another problem, but with live TV and IPTV specifically, that data is, you know nearly real-time, so by the time you push that button for that channel, you’ve got literally about a split second for it to buffer, so the slower it is you know the more buffer, you’re gonna have depending on the source, and again that goes with all IPTV sources around. You’ve got to find the one with the best source that works for you. So that a lot of services offer trials, go find the one that works best for you, and maybe the cheapest service out there. Unfortunately, that maybe not the cheapest service out there, but go find the best one that works for you, and it does take some trial, and error guys you may not find the first one, the second one, the third one, but eventually you’ll find the best one, that’s gonna work for you with the least amount of buffering, and if you’re doing all these things, we talked about you should know very little issues with that, and of course, that can change with time, and we don’t hang on what kind of servers. These guys have their channel, sitting on, and find what the best one that’s out there for you. Don’t be so concerned about it. We’ll wanna $5 service, that’s all I want to spin. You’ve got to find the best service available with the best sources, and the best backbone of their products, and a lot of times, they’ll talk about that, and they don’t want to overload their servers, and things like that, so keep in mind. It’s just not about everybody’s equal find one, that’s got some good background, back going on it.

One of the final things, I want to talk about here, is your expectations with IPTV. If you’re expecting perfection, you know most likely you’re gonna probably need to stick with your cable or satellite, but if your guys are okay with a hiccup here, and there’s a problem here, and you know obviously, you’re relying on two things your internet, it’s gonna do your internet obviously, and then your TV, if one of those goes down, both are down. You got to keep that in mind, so keep your expectations where they’re at. This is not perfection. This is a product that’s still improving, and getting better and better as time goes on a year ago. You know compared to now the channels are available or better the servers are getting better, the apps are getting better in time, everything will be better, and near perfection. But if you want perfection, don’t look at IPTV. But if you’re okay with cutting the cord, having a few problems here, you’ll be fine. There’s plenty of times I look at this, and I say, man, this has been running so smooth, I forget them even on IPTV, so it does happen, you can’t find good products, you can’t find good devices, you can make it work. I have 100% positive. You know the feedback from the services that I pick. I use the devices. I have that’s why I use them. That’s why I got rid of these other ones that were paperweights. You know they’re just no good. They didn’t work for me. I had to move on, had to spend a little money. You learn them. You learn from your mistakes, and I did. I bought some crappy ones. I’ve got better ones now, and they’re working fine. So when they improve, I’ll get something new. If some breaks, I look for the next best thing.

So keep that in mind, hopefully, this has helped you out, hopefully, it’s given me a good idea of how to cut the cord. Remember to make sure you’ve got the best internet, make sure you’ve got the best of ice as possible, make sure doing your weekly maintenance, make sure you’re doing those things to help make it better on your site.

Don’t always blame the service that you’re getting it from the source as I talked about, it’s their problem a lot of times, it can be fixed on your end directly so spend some time, do your weekly maintenance, clean everything out, check everything you can, and I think you’ll be happy so appreciate for reading this.

Let me know what you think if I missed something here. Tell me all about it. Have a good one.


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