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Top IPTV Service Providers In The World

FitIPTV Reviews

FitIPTV IPTV Provider

FitIPTV is offering stable IPTV services. The’re working in this business since 2014 and still available in the market. They’re offering all services related to IPTV; including IPTV Reseller, IPTV Restream & IPTV Subscription. They’ve their own IPTV Server with Xtream-Codes official panel.

They says they have their own local streams. Local stream means, they’re uploading the channels theirself using their own country and ISP. This is the best thing. The provider uses local stream means they have highly stable and good uptime of the iptv channels. If they’ve any issue.

They’re gonna fix it right away as they can access their systems anytime. So if you complaint for them for channels down or any other related to channels, they can fix the issues very fast. That’s a positive thing about Fit IPTV Provider. We’re gonna cover the above highlighted features of this IPTV Provider (updated 2020) in details. So you can have full review about this iptv service provider. One of our team agent visited this site, started communication with them, got trial and purchased some to get the actual communication quality between them and a user and collected the following reviews and information. Please have a look!

The IPTV Subscription (IPTV Playlist for your devices or TV) is available to sell from this provider in very good prices at the moment. They’ve many times enabled promotions mostly on 1 year plan. They offer the subscrition with around 7000+ channels including hd and sd channels. They also offer a large collection of adult channels. If you don’t want adult channels into your list you can ask them to disable these streaming channels from your subscription. These changes are free of cost.

IPTV Reseller by FitIPTV is available with sub-reseller options. They use Xtream-Codes CMS to control the IPTV system. They have purchased their V2 software which comes with more options than V1. They’ve around 20 load balancers on their server, that means around 20 highly dedicated servers are attached or being used to control IPTV channels and freezing/zapping issues. Using 20 servers is very good as for the large amount of channels using low quantity of servers may interrupt the channels to freezing and slow zapping and many times main server down.

IPTV Restream by FitIPTV is offered from their separate IPTV restreaming server. So that isn’t gonna interrupt the best watching experiences to the normal IPTV subscription users. As the restreaming takes too much bandwidth to reshare their channels. Any downtime or issues while any user uses over streaming channels than allowed or something related to this can get their servers down (they make them up again fast), that’s why using separate Xtream-Codes Panel is best choice. That’s a positive thing about their service. As they use almost all channels local from their own sources, same they use here. The only differnce is using many more loadbalancers in the restreaming system.

Support system by by any company is the KEY-To-Success. If any company having best service but not dedicated support, that’s not gonna go high. That’s why the support system of FitIPTV is really awesome. They’ve 2 agents for support, serving users on Livechat, email and skype. Now a days everyone want their problems solved faster and they best thing to do this is LiveChat. They FitIPTV owners have added this feature to their site and almost 24/7 agents are online to help their customers. If chat is offline you can send them ticket by Livechat system or contact them via email or skype anytime.

FitIPTV Reviews: are 9.7/10. The data was collected from online communities, facebook, reddit and forums. 9.7 rating is very good. If you wanna read their review, visit their official facebook page or search for FitIPTV Reviews and find the exact words said by their premium clients. Someone of them said they’re gonna open Trustpilot account soon for verified reviews from their of customers to help new. We’ll recommend you to go for their services 🙂

KING IPTV Provider

King IPTV is on 2nd number in our watchlist. They’re also running their own server since 2017, not anyone’s reseller (now a days, many providers are using someone’s reseller accounts). But using their services interrupted the streaming channels while watching the Sports channels on a popular event. They’ve their own IPTV Server with Xtream-Codes official panel.

According to our reasearch they’re using restreams from any provider (not using local streams). That can make channels bit slow zapping and freezing issues. When you’re gonna complaint them for any channel, they can’t fix them their own. KingIPTV Review

They’ll send complaint to the original streams uploader and if he fix these channels then they can confirm you back otherwise can only say “working on it”. And that’s not a positive thing for a iptv client. They have started their service in 2017 and not using local streams + in support there are only 2 members at all which covering support and systems (site and iptv panel).

The IPTV Subscription (IPTV Playlist for your devices or TV) by King IPTV provider is available with high prices comparing to FitIPTV. They’ve double prices than FitIPTV and offcourse the service also not perfect as FitIPTV’s. Pricing with the restreams like them are not reasonable.

IPTV Reseller by KingIPTV is available with sub-reseller options. They use Xtream-Codes CMS V2 to control the IPTV system. The do not reply to tickets on the panel itself. If you have any issue or want to discuss something with the admin and tried to contact them with Panel ticket system. They’re not gonna reply you. So this is very negative of them.

IPTV Restream by FitIPTV is offered from the same subscription panel. So if restreaming made the servers overloaded and server gone down. Everyone’s line will be down including paid IPTV Subscription clients. And as they’ve not local iptv streams, they’ll sell from server to server restream not from direct local source of local to the main server and then to your server. So this is also a negative part of their restream service. Actually the big negativation is using restreams at all.

Support system by King IPTV is ranked as 6/10 because, they’re only 2 members working on everything at all. So the 2 members have to maintain server, restreams, reply to trials is hard. It clearly shows that support is low. They don’t even use Livechat on their website so if you wanna get your issue resolved faster, its impossible with them!

KingIPTV Reviews: are 5.7/10. Find their original user’s reviews through us to a social media site where their user was searching for owners(screenshot here actually, looks owners were not contacting to him. So after selling the service going out of the internet from that USER. Doest this make sense? We will strongly not recommend their service.