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Welcome to İPTV Live

By the unprecedented technological advancement in the telecomunication field starting from early 2000s, people’s traditional trends and means to Access to the TV entertainment have been undergone a massive change. The high broadband speeds have availed the possibility for the viewers to set free from the conventional TV satellite reception, and introduced a brand-new TV experience allowing individuals to carry their own TV whenever and wherever they like through internet streaming on their devices, that is called IPTV!

IPTV LİVE was founded by a team of tallented people in 2016 and got chosen by thousands of happy customers in a short time of service.

IPTV Live continues its growth prioritizing the customer satisfaction in mind. The service has got 4000 live channels from all over the World, and a rich VOD movie and serial collection expanded on a Daily basis.

Besides, the variety of channels and the true quality of VOD archive offered at IPTV LİVE do absolutely fit the demands of expats unable to receive

their native country broadcasts. We believe that To meet only a minimal of 5MBps requirement assuming that most of our customers have the aforementioned bandwidth, makes this choice a very attractable, hussle free and budget friendly option.
Let Yourself Be Spoiled By A1+ genuine IPTV Experience!


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