Wednesday, 12 Jan 2022

Lazy IPTV (APK) – Free Download

Lazy IPTV is an Android app that allows users to watch television programs using Internet Protocol TeleVision technology. In order to do this, the application functions as a client, allowing its users to search available servers transmitting television programs of their liking. By using Lazy IPTV, you can watch your favorite television shows anywhere and at any time via streaming. In addition, the application has various useful secondary features. For example, it allows for the creation of playlists as long as its items are on the .m3u format. What’s more, apart from playing HTTP and UDP streams, the app can reproduce videos from online video sites such as VK-Video and YouTube.

Without a doubt, this app stands out due to its ease of use and practicality. Enabled by a clean, user-friendly interface, Laz IPTV allows its users to search for and reproduce their favorite programs among thousands of available options. In addition to being simple and easy to use, the app’s interface can be adapted to fit each viewer’s preferences, including the orientation of the screen and various other visual aspects. What is more, the app does not require users to sign in or register in any way, preventing legal problems and making the entire process much easier and more convenient. As if that wasn’t enough, Lazy IPTV supports different EPG, even providing users with the ability to download them as required.

In terms of navigation and browsing, Lazy IPTV is simple and yet functional. In addition to searching for television programs in the world wide web, the application allows users to perform a variety of actions aimed at making the process of finding shows to watch easier and more enjoyable, including the marking of favorites and the creation of playlists. Unfortunately, it does not include previously built-in playlists or program recommendations, which can make the process of browsing and finding something to watch a bit more difficult and time-consuming. However, it still provides its users with a powerful search engine. In addition, the app offers various server options where users can find what they are looking for.


  • User-friendly interface
  • Customizable main-screen in title-style view
  • Supports several UDP-proxys that can be selected directly from a playlist
  • Provides a history of watched channels


  • Does not feature a dark mode as of yet

– fixed the error of empty playlists on some devices (if the error remains to be installed in the internal memory and only then transferred to the external one);

– adaptation to android 9;

– Corrected base of channels and logo;

– fix parsing EPG with several channel names;