Top 10 best Kodi live TV addons [November 2020] free IPTV

In this review, I introduce some of the very best Kodi live TV addons. My list only includes add-ons that currently work on Kodi boxes including FireStick, Fire TV, Windows PC, Android TV box, Android mobile devices, iPhones, tablets, etc.

Xumo.TV Official Kodi IPTV Addon

Xumo.TV Kodi Addon – MMA, News, Movies, Kids & More

While tuning into your favorite TV channel through a traditional cable connection is becoming cost-prohibitive, many people cut the cord and consider options such as Kodi.

Best 9 Live TV Kodi Addons

  1. Limitless
  2. Xumo.TV
  3. 7 of 9 (AIO + RealDebrid)
  4. Gridiron Legends
  5. 13 Clowns
  6. SportsDevil
  7. Mobdro
  8. J1TV
  9. Xumo
  10. cCloud

Live TV streaming with Kodi over the internet has become quite mainstream these past few years. Thanks to live TV Kodi addons, watching TV channels on the internet has become even easier and far more convenient. Ditching expensive cable TV subscriptions is happening at a much faster rate every day.

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All you need to watch live TV on Kodi is to find a working IPTV addon that allows you to stream your favorite TV channels. Lucky for you, I have gone through them all and check out new ones as they are released.

best kodi live tv addons for sports such as football and cricket

Watch Free Live Streaming Cricket Online

How Do I Find Live IPTV Addons for Kodi?

Finding the best live TV Kodi addon to install is what this article is all about. There are hundreds of Kodi addons out there for you to choose from, so it can get mind-boggling.

Unfortunately, not all the available Kodi add-ons work properly. We’ll go over only the ones that are working great at this time. We’ll also keep this article updated to make sure you have access to watch free live TV stations on Kodi.

Best Live TV Kodi Addons

I have handpicked some live TV addons for Kodi Leia and Krypton that currently stream very well. In this review of the best live IPTV add-ons for free TV streams, I show you how to watch live TV on Kodi with one simple working addon install.

Of course, everyone’s evergreen favorite for working live TV channels is Mobdro, which you can even watch without Kodi after a Mobdro App install.

Limitless Live IPTV

how to install limitless kodi live tv channels addon

Limitless Live IPTV Addon

Currently, Limitless gets more working live streams than any other Kodi addon. This is the ultimate free IPTV addon for people without access to constantly updated custom M3U playlists.

Limitless finds cable TV channels and live sports streaming along with local, regional, and even international news broadcasts from all over the world. Watch news stories unfolding in your home town or on the other side of the planet. The same goes for live sports broadcasts.

Along with all the live streaming TV channels, Limitless has plenty of on-demand video content. You’ll find content catalogs from Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Prime Video. You can also watch 24/7 and TVCatchup categories for shows you’ve missed.

Limitless Real-Debrid integration is very intuitive and powerful. The available private, high-speed servers make watching video on demand possible with very little to no buffering. Taking advantage of the Real-Debrid cached torrent capabilities can give you access to nearly any video on demand with very little to no buffering.

Check it out >> Install Limitless Live TV Kodi Addon

Xumo.TV Live Channels

Xumo.TV Kodi Addon Install

Xumo TV Live Cable Channels

This great new addon from the official Kodi repository provides all the great streaming cable channels from the app from Comcast. With an EPG giving you the exact start and end times for shows on most of the available cable channels, you won’t miss a thing.

In the linked install article, you’ll find details on the third-party version of the addon from The Crew repo as well. While the modified version from The Crew does not have as nice of an EPG (no shows listed), there are some sweet surprises in their modification.

You are going to love all the network news broadcasts, sports channels, and other featured USA cable channels in the Xumo TV addon for Kodi.

Install it now >> Live Cable Channels Addon

7 of 9 (AIO + RealDebrid)

How to Install 7of9 Kodi Playlist Addon from Diamond Wizard Repo header image

The 7of9 Kodi add-on provides streaming video enterainment options of nearly every kind imaginable. From movies and TV shows to anime selections and even content for more adult tastes. Of course, you’ll also find everything needed to fulfill your Star Trek universe itch.

Of course, the main feature of interest at this time is the live streaming TV channels. As a complete entertainment package, 7of9 installs and controls multiple addons from the Diamond Wizard Repo including the Beta Quadrant IPTV 24/7 add-on. This provides many more TV channels than you can ever watch.

Get all the sports, news, movie, PPV, cable, and network broadcast stations all in one place. This great all-in-one addon’s live selection even includes direct access to the Fluxus live IPTV playlists.

Repo Name: Diamond Wizard Repository
Source URL:

Check out our 7of9 Kodi add-on install article to get all the details.

Gridiron Legends

Gridiron Legends Kodi Live Sports Addon Nole Dynasty American Football Replays featured image

Gridiron Legends for Live Games & Replays of American Football on Kodi

There’s only one reason Gridiron Legends Kodi addon from the Nole Dynasty repo isn’t number one in our list of best Kodi addons. It’s primarily a sports addon, which some of you may think guarantees it a favorite status. I hear ya.

As I said, while the Gridiron Legends addon does have a category devoted to sports entertainment such as movies and TV shows, the main focus is live sports coverage of American football. From NFL to NCAA college football, and even the Lingerie Football League (now XFL to cut back on hate mail).

Repo Name: Nole Dynasty Repository
Source URL:

Alongside all the great live gridiron action during the American football season, the number of full game replays and highlight reels is staggering. Watch every Super Bowl ever played. You can also watch many live sports network broadcasts to get the latest predictions and recaps.

After you watch all the live Bowl games and the season is over, you can watch documentaries, movies, and replays until the wife leaves you. When she’s gone, you can even stream NBA, MBA, NHL, rugby, soccer (English Premier League, no less!), and more sports until she comes back.

Give the Gridiron Legends Kodi addon a try!

13 Clowns

Install Kodi 13 Clowns Free Movies IPTV PPV Live TV Video Addon

13 Clowns

This great Kodi live TV addon found a new home recently in the TVGeeks Repo. Many fans already prefer the 13Clowns addon over all others. This outstanding streaming addon offers a robust library of live TV channels from the USA and other parts of the world.

You may watch free live sports, TV shows, movies, 24/7 shows and much more with 13 Clowns installed on Kodi. Also featuring several premium satellite channels, 13 Clowns is sure to be a winner! This great live TV streaming addon is easily installed from its namesake repository, 13Clowns.

Repo Name: TVGeek Repository
Source URL:

For more details >> How to Install 13 Clowns Kodi Addon


How to install latest SportsDevil for Kodi live TV streams


SportsDevil is the most well-known addon for streaming live sports. It gets regularly featured within lists of best Kodi addons. As the name suggests, a big portion of the content is sports related.

Its main screen features two separate sports sections; Live Sports & Sports TV. SportsDevil is far more than just sporting events, however. It has a huge collection of free IPTV channels to stream from all over the world.

SportsDevil features a “Live TV” section, with a “World TV” category that lets you explore IPTV channels from the USA, Germany, UK, Italy, France and more.

Easily install SportsDevil from the Cy4Root repository. You will most likely discover that some version of SportsDevil can be found in most major repositories. The Kodil repo seemed to always have the most updated version of SportsDevil addon, but they were pulled offline after many years of great service. Today, the latest working SportsDevil version can be found in the Cy4Root repo.

Repo Name: Cy4Root Repository
Source URL:

Often, a newer, more updated version of SportsDevil pops up in a new repository. The Sports Devil article here at My True Media is updated immediately upon discovery of any better working SportsDevil version.

For more details, visit >> How to Install the Latest SportsDevil Kodi Addon

SportsDevil is also featured in our roundup of Best Kodi Sports Addons.


How to install Mobdro Kodi IPTV addon for free live TV streaming


Mobdro is a very popular Android APK addon for watching movies and live TV streams on Kodi. Mobdro is essentially an on-demand addon, finding movies and IPTV links through various channels. It actually features a category named ‘Channels’ that offers a decent collection of widely viewed satellite channels.

With an extraordinary range of content, Mobdro allows you to stream and watch IPTV channels in various categories that include TV shows, Movies, Entertainment, Music and more. This addon is maintained and frequently updated with new content. Mobdro is available for download from the Kodil repository.

Please Note: The latest home to the Mobdro Kodi add-on, the Kodil repo, shut down after many years of service. Though it still works great for users, the Mobdro Kodi addon currently has no home for new users to download it from. When this Kodi live IPTV favorite becomes available once more, we will update this info along with the following article.

For more details >> Learn to Install Mobdro on Kodi


J1TV encompasses a wide range of live content from the UK, USA, and other countries worldwide. While it includes live TV on Kodi, the J1TV add-on is primarily for on-demand content. It does, however, have a separate, special varied section for live streams in its “Channels” category.

This Kodi live TV addons most recent version can be found in the Butter Fingers repository. Note you will need to use a personal YouTube API key to access most of this great addon’s live content from around the world.

Repo Name: Butter Fingers Repo
Source URL:


Xumo is another pretty awesome add-on to get for watching free television online. While it does not have as many premium channels as Selfless it does provide a really large entertainment offering. Xumo has a rapidly expanding IPTV channels library that includes NBC, TMZV, Today Show, Fox Sports, Movies, Concerts, and 24/7.

This may soon take its place as your main Kodi IPTV channels resource. It takes only a few minutes to install Xumo and start watching your favorite channels. Find Xumo in the video add-ons section of the Kodi default repository.

Repo Name: Kodi Default Repository

cCloud TV

cCloud TV addon offers dozens of TV programs and a wide range of USA and UK TV channels. Undeniably, cCloud TV is one of the best Kodi addons for streaming live TV. Watch content related to Sports, Movies, TV Shows, News, Lifestyle, Music, and so much more by installing cCloud TV on Kodi.

Also included in this awesome addon is a ‘Non-English/International’ section offering channels from around the globe. Give cCloud TV a try if you are looking for high-quality live TV content. cCloud TV was available for download through the Kodil repository until they shut down recently. Now, the Lazy Repo is home to this great live TV addon.

Repo Name: Lazy Kodi Repository
Source URL:

More Kodi IPTV Streaming

If you really want to maximize your Android or Fire Stick with free streaming possibilities using working TV channels, be sure to check out our write-ups for a few special Kodi IPTV addons.

These addons don’t have the M3U playlists built-in like the live addons listed above. You can input your own M3U and M3U8 playlists for maximum flexibility in these add-ons.

And finally, fill those open IPTV playlist spots with some great free streaming M3U URLs from our collection of Fluxus TV stations. This gives you a great free set of on-demand and live TV channel sources to watch broadcasts streaming online as they happen.

That’s a Wrap on Free Live TV Streaming with Kodi

Finally, you’ve made it through my list of the best Kodi live TV addons for 2019. There are many more out there, this is true. But, it’s also true that finding Kodi Leia and Krypton addons that are up and working with the content you’re seeking can be time-consuming.

Watch this: Enjoy reliable live television channels with the best IPTV service providers.

Please note that I have yet to find a live TV addon for Kodi that works 100% of the time. The addons I have listed above have more streamable links and work better than the other addons not mentioned.

I’m always on the lookout for effective live TV Kodi addons for my Firestick, and will keep updating this list. Please share any discoveries in the comments section below. Thank you for reading and…

May your streams never run dry!

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