Wednesday, 12 Jan 2022

Trying to build the best IPTV app for iOS

Hello everyone at IPTV community, my name is Tiago, not sure this is the correct thread, but I developed an iOS app for watching IPTV movies, Movie Stream. I believe this community is a great place to share my work and would like to receive your feedback and help.

Right now I’m at version 6.0, and the app includes features like Search, Playlist Refresh, iCloud Sync, Picture-in-Picture & Airplay Support.

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The app is completely free, if you like (and only if you want) you can donate inside the app to support future development. I’m working by myself on the project since the beginning of this year.

Do want to help me shaping the future development?
What do you think the app does well and what it is still lacking?